Unmanageable school, work, and a hectic life schedule sound all too familiar to most of you, and that’s because they are common obstacles causing unwarranted stress and anxiety. In our quest to find clarity and a sense of balance, we sought different paths before stumbling upon a unique form of mediation, which saved our vibrant souls from completely drying out. Building terrariums not only relieved us of stress by forcing our minds to focus on creating the beautiful art inside a magnificent bowl, but as well let our creativity flow freely, unlike our daily structured obligations. 

We created the visions we wanted to see to gain peace of mind and transformed them into actualities through terrariums. During this time our thoughts of schedules, day planners, and meetings for future dates were put on hold, they no longer mattered. We were suddenly present and focused only on the succulent pieces of art being created at hand. It was a newfound awareness, and the “ah hah!” Oprah moment we were so desperately searching for. Finally, we’d found the secret to obtaining balance we’d been so badly searching for, and became so inspired by our own realizations we decided we needed to share this with the world.

So Succulent Babes, when you look at your terrarium, aside from the beautiful arrangement you’re guaranteed to see, we hope you’ll get to witness the growth of how far you’ve come, and we couldn’t be more proud of you!

Alaine & Lesley





If you were to ask Lesley and I when we started Succulent by Nature (SbN) in August of 2016 who a “Succulent Babe” was – well, we had no idea what kind of person this would be and frankly we had some serious deer in headlights eyes. Now, 9 months later we are still mastering this brand but we could never have imagined that we would develop the kind of identity that we have now. While creating our business, Succulent by Nature, we knew we wanted to change the succulent game. But, how does one go about doing that and not to mention how do we understand what the identity of a SbN babe is?

Our enlightenment started with some serious soul searching. We had to dig deep to figure out what values a Succulent Babe would have and make sure that the values were easy to identify with and goal-worthy. Of course, this babe would have an inherent sense of being a badass and constantly being mindful of their own actions and energy. We decided to create a MINDSET of someone who inspired us: someone who lived a life that they were damn proud of and someone who ALWAYS saw “failures” as successes (which is not all easy to do).

The Succulent Babe is a mindset. A lifestyle that promotes celebration, longevity, and abundance. Without further ado, a Succulent Babe Mindset Mantra is as follows:

  • Badass Boss Babe Attitude – you ain’t gotta be a business owner to rule your own life. Own the control and the power that you have to get exactly what you want.
  • Ambitious goals that might make the world react like “yo that person be crazy” – Give people something to talk about, be that crazy person, be RELEVANT. Because sorry not sorry, if no one is questioning what you’re doing – nobody cares!
  • OWN the abundant mindset. Why?! So you can think BIG, and GIVE BIG. Fully believing in the FACT that there is enough to go around opens you to endless possibilities of greatness. Accepting abundance simultaneously gets you out of the selfish mindset- you ain’t gotta penny pinch, or be pressed for time*
  • Take pride in your vibes. You are responsible for those vibes, YOU put those out there. YOU have control, and you decide how people perceive the Succulent Babe that is YOU. So, whether you’re a unicorn, mermaid, burger connoisseur, or a champagne expert- OWN IT.
  • GRATITUDE (probably one of the most important ones). Gratitude does so much for the soul and for growth. It allows you to actually acknowledge what and who you have and the second you actually see it, you’re able to GAIN more. You can take life to the next level.
  • Strut. Strut with your fabulous pumps and those mandatory lashes – because when you look damn good, you DO, you CREATE, you live congruently with all that you put out there (Sam edit: I prefer to strut in ponytails and Nikes – but the point is to present yourself confidently no matter what that looks like for you)

*This is one of my favorite mantras to share with other businesses. It is SO easy to get stuck feeling like you’re watching people around you becoming successful, especially with the magic of social media, and feeling defeated that you’re not “meeting” their levels of “success” whatever that might be. But, we have learned that there is an abundance of success in this world to go around for everyone. It’s up to you to praise others for what they do and work even harder at your own game.

The second we nailed this above mantra down, we had an Oprah “Ah Hah!” moment and realized that the Succulent Babe is our target market, and yes yes THEY ACTUALLY EXIST. That moment was so important for us, because everything and I mean everything started going up from there – custom orders, workshops, pop ups, but the best part: We found like minded people- OUR TRIBE!!

Believe it or not, we had another “Ah Hah!” moment (yes, these breakthroughs are a regular occurrence in our personal and business lives- and we looovveee it). We came to a point where we kept talking about a “Succulent Babe” that we were actually EVOLVING into one! And honestly, there is nothing more satisfying that hitting that next level of growth where you’re actually living congruently with the message you’re trying to share. And that is exactly how the “Succulent Babe” changed our lives- for the better. Lesley and I will never be the same, and we’ve grown so much together on this journey that we would love nothing more than to see YOU see yourself as a “Succulent Babe.”