Overcoming negative self talk as a Succulent Babe


Let me ask you a question: What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? I know, weird right? Have you ever caught yourself in autopilot mode due to your super busy life? You just feel so overwhelmed that your life becomes a checklist from task to task? Then, next thing you know - 3 months pass by and not once during that time span have you treated yo self. What happens next? You finally find time to scroll through social media and everyone but you seems to be happy. You feel like somethings missing. You start to judge yourself by comparing your happiness to others. And all of a sudden you feel like your work owns your time and not you. You lose yourself by the lack of effort you put into yourself and others. And one day… you just feel like you’re not good enough, worthy enough - so you put up this wall. Now 3 more months pass by in your lonely autopilot life - and you suddenly feel alone. Sounds like someone you know? If this sounds all too familiar, my dear friend - you are not alone. And you don’t have to stay there!

Negative self talk - Yes, let’s put a damn label on it. I didn’t realize that self shit talking was a thing until I caught myself in my apartment, on a sunny day shit talking.. to me, in my head! I used to think I was alone and maybe slightly crazy but I decided to not let that be another story in my head. For half a year, I couldn’t figure out why I was so insecure all the time. I was always sad and upset at the world. My mantra wasn’t anything positive and it began to become a negative compound effect that was affecting my mindset.

Yes, my Succulent Babe mindset that Alaine and I created was being taken over by my own negative self talk. If ya’ll forgot (because I did) - what is a Succulent Babe? A Succulent Babe is a confident male or female that acknowledges self judgement but moves on from it. Acknowledging when your true self isn’t aligned with your thoughts is how a Succulent Babe would respond to negative self talk and assessing why their mind is not aligning with their beliefs. Just like we say, if your plants look like they need some lovin’, it’s probably a sign that you do too and that you need to treat yo self. I get it, I get it. Life can get so busy and overwhelming. So let’s do ourselves a solid and act like real Succulent Babes, check ourselves and treat ourselves. Because life's too short to not be happy and to be drowning in negative self talk.

Success: Acknowledging when my mind isn’t aligned with what makes me happy is HUGE step. And that’s something to celebrate.

Lessons: I’ve made it apart of my daily ritual to consistency ask myself “How are you today, Les?” and  if I don’t like the answer,  I’ll fix it instead of letting it brew.