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How to make friends as a Succulent Babe

Let’s just say I’m an “older” University student. I took a few years off from high school because i genuinely did not know what I wanted to take. I wanted to find myself, learn more about myself. And of course during that time span, years passed by and my highschool friends graduated from University. So I’m standing in the middle of campus, filled with hundreds of people and I feel alone. I realize I have no friends in University and all I can think of is “I NEED A FRIEND TO GET A’s IN MY CLASSES!” Because let’s be honest, you do better when you have a study buddy! My Succulent Babe mindset kicks in and I confidently know I’m going to make friends in ALL of my classes. Here was my strategy:

  1. Don’t go to class too early - and sit beside someone.. Anyone!

  2. Introduce yourself - you have 80 minutes to say “hi” or it’s a bust.

  3. Cross your fingers and hope they sit by you next class

HA! You think making friends would be that easy. Here was where I went wrong, I didn’t follow through - I had a wall up which lead me to “hope” that the person I introduced myself to would reach out to me during the next class. I already had a negative connotation in my head that if I didn’t do it right the first time, it wasn’t going to happen at all.

And I get a second chance (because life is full of second chances!)  - when I realized that I had nothing to lose and that I had nothing to be afraid of because my Succulent Babe mindset was telling me how awesome I was! I took the initiative to  have a conversation by allowing my guards to come down. And acknowledging that every relationship needs work and it needs time to build. Just because you didn’t get it right the first time, doesn’t mean that friendship or relationship won’t grow or evolve into everything. Just like our plants! If we gave up on our plants because they weren’t growing fast enough - we would never see it bloom. So give it time, take things slow and that relationship could be something amazing!

Longevity: Something that no one teaches you because you must learn on your own - or maybe from a book. But everything worth your while, takes time. Growth takes time, success takes time, relationships take time, everything takes time because at the end of the day - life isn’t a race.

Success: Acknowledging the issue rather than empowering it. Positive thoughts always wins!

Lessons: Consistency creates a compound effect overtime. Just as it defines the difference between success and failure, it determines how strong your friendships/relationships grow.

Travel tip: If you have trouble making friends on a vacation trip - bring a Unicorn floaty because who doesn’t love Unicorns?!