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May 10 from 11am- 2pm: POP UP at Eighth Avenue Place Calgary

June 9 from 2pm- 4pm: Workshop at Outside the Shape (limited spots available) - GET YOUR TICKETS!



Imagine this, wine, red or white, better yet Champagne! Your favourite music, great friends and terrariums, oh yes, terrariums. The combination is the perfect recipe, for creating successful personalized pieces of art, in your own space. Made available through private workshops for groups, prices are inclusive of all terrarium materials, and our lovely company. Shall we make it a date?



Building terrariums can provide therapeutic healing in times of emotional strain, which is why we are seeking groups, businesses, and like-minded succulent babes like you to help those who might not be fortunate enough to partake!

By funding terrarium building workshops for those in need, you would be giving the gift of mindfulness, and a sense of belonging and inclusiveness every person deserves. 



Want to create meaningful gifts that make your hard working staff feel valued? Or show them the love they deserve by organizing a team building night?

Not to worry, we can help with both!

We can be of service and make beautiful terrariums you’ll be proud to give, and your staff or clients will be appreciative to get!

In the name of team building however, we will be happy to plan and join you, for a fun night where your staff or clients can turn each of their visions into a reality, through the creation of our terrariums.

In each other’s company, get to dig a little deep with colleagues that surround you everyday, all in the lighthearted spirit of creating bowls of joy!